Purple Runway offers students from accredited universities and AABI aviation programs a unique opportunity:

With a two-or four-year degree, students can begin their pilot careers at Mountain Air Cargo with a transition opportunity to the FedEx trunk fleet upon program completion.

Contact Hilary Patterson for more details at pilotrecruiting@mtaircargo.com

Hilary Patterson, Senior Manager of Corporate Recruitment & Compliance 

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MAC pilots that have gone on to FedEx through the Purple Runway program.

Jonathan Welch –

I flew for Mountain Air Cargo for over six years and learned a lot along the way. I had the opportunity to work with some really great people at MAC. I believe the experience I gained there will greatly help me in my career at FedEx. I feel very blessed to be one of the first people to complete the Purple Runway program and land my dream job at FedEx.

Lindsay Ervin –

I spent over four and a half years at Mountain Air Cargo. During my time there I not only improved my piloting skills but have met and worked with a ton of great people.

The first time I heard of the Purple Runway Pathway Program, I thought it was a great opportunity.  It has always been my dream to work for FedEx and I was amazed there was a pathway to achieve my goal.

I am extremely excited to be one of the first to complete the program.  It is an amazing opportunity.

Kevin Gaul –

I was at Mountain Air Cargo for over 5 years and in that time I discovered the stability that cargo provides and saw the FedEx operation firsthand.  I was fortunate to fly with some of the best pilots and had some great mentors along the way.  When the Purple Runway program was announced, I took my chance and signed up.  Everyone involved could not hide their passion for FedEx, this program, and the desire to make it a success.