C408 Welcome Video

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C408 Party Attendees

Welcoming party for the N408FE.  Employees from MAC HQ and the Kinston ISO employees.

C408 Party

The aircraft N408FE was delivered to our location in Kinston, NC. The aircraft was accepted by our onsite delivery team and made the long trek from ICT-ISO. With the delivery of this newly designed aircraft, our team took time earlier this week to celebrate and reflects on all the hard work and sacrifices made to return as a top-tier service provider.  Thanks to all that has made this journey possible!

MAC is back in SJU!

MAC will assume operations in SJU in early 2022.

Purple Runway Success Story – Joshua Taylor

When I was hired at Mountain Air Cargo, I was about 80 hours short of satisfying the cross country airplane PIC time for an ATP, because I flew helicopters in the Navy. Although the task was daunting and at times seemed unattainable, I knew I wanted to be a FedEx Pilot, and felt the best course of action would be to start on FedEx Feeder routes. I flew the Cessna Caravan on the part 135 side of MAC in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and after completing the minimums for an ATP, I was scheduled for ATR training. At the beginning of my part 121 career at MAC, the Purple Runway Pathway did not exist. Once the Program was created, I knew that it was the best opportunity I would have at getting an interview, which tends to be the most challenging part of earning a spot in the illustrious group of FedEx pilots.

As the first candidate to complete the entire three-year Pathway, I am humbled and grateful for the opportunities afforded to me during my tenure at Mountain Air Cargo. MAC has prepared me for every facet of the FedEx interview process, and more importantly for a career as a FedEx pilot. Having limited airline knowledge and zero airline experience, Mountain Air Cargo gave me the chance to learn about the express transport sector of aviation. The Captains at MAC rapidly prepared me for transition to the left seat in 16 months. Although the headquarters staff was not collocated at my base, their support was integral to my success in this aviation environment. MAC has groomed me into the professional pilot FedEx wanted to add to their team.

Look no further than Mountain Air Cargo! This is the best place to start your airline career and become the pilot FedEx wants operating their trunk fleet of jets around the world.

MAC Attends Pink Ribbon Open

MAC attends the Pink Ribbon Open in Memphis.

Oshkosh 2021 – MAC team

Oshkosh – MAC and CSA are onsite assisting FedEx and their partners with this event.

Upper left – Pete speaking with a future MAC/CSA pilot.
Bottom left – Siera discussing the new SIC Program.
Far right – Rusty and Todd handling aircraft security.